Meet the Team

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Portrait Mark and Leigh Ramsey

Mark & Leigh Ramsey

Global Senior Pastors
Mike Nadine Mulheran

Mike & Nadine Mulheran

Global Operations Directors

Brad & Hilary Ramsey

Executive Pastor Corporate Services / Executive Director It’s Not Ok Projects

Ben & Joelle Cherry

Location Pastors, Citipointe Church Auckland
Simeon Lisa Hoffman

Simeon & Lisa Hoffmann

Location Pastors, Citipointe Church Ipswich
Photo of Graeme and Mel Politanski

Graeme & Melanie Politanski

Location Pastors, Citipointe Church North

Aaron & Becky Lucas

Lead Pastors, Citipointe Northern Colorado
Sam Karolina Gunsser

Sam & Karolina Gunsser

Location Pastors, Citipointe Church Redcliffe
Portrait of Tim and Wendy McDonald

Tim & Wendy McDonald

Location Pastors, Citipointe Church West
Portrait of Loren Manulevu

Loren Manulevu

Executive Director, Citipointe Childcare, Kindergarten and OSHC

Brian Mulheran

Headmaster, Citipointe Christian College

Andrew Staggs

Principal, Citipointe Ministry College
Portrait of Jeannie Trudel

Dr. Jeannie Trudel

CEO, Christian Heritage College

Ps Bojidar Simeonov

Location Pastor, Citipointe Church Bulgaria


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