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Citipointe Creative Academy provides quality artistic training with industry-professional teaching artists in a safe, inspiring and kind environment.

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Jazz is one of the most popular styles of dance both within Citipointe Creative Academy and across the world. Jazz technique comprises learning jumps, turns, travel combinations, isolations, timing, dynamic movement, floor work and more. CCA also emphasises intelligent learning as a focus in Jazz, which is centred around technical development to ensure longevity of the body and intuitive knowledge for each individual dancer. This combined with fun and upbeat choreography and age-appropriate music ensures that every jazz class at CCA will be one to remember. A great all-rounders class.

Ballet is the core foundation of all dance, and the hallmark of true strength and technical excellence. At Citipointe Creative Academy, our Teaching Artists have accumulated experience in teaching across a number of diverse syllabi and curriculum styles, ensuring that our ballet dancers will receive comprehensive and professional quality tuition. However, ballet is more than just technique. Classical ballet instills perseverance, discipline and grace that develops alongside technical excellence as dancers grow to understand the strength of their bodies and the amazing poise and technique they are capable of. Ballet is a highly recommended dance style for dancers wanting comprehensive training, or aiming for a career in professional dance.

Contemporary dance is a relatively new style of dance, developed in the mid twentieth century. Contemporary requires a strong focus on technique, which is often established in Ballet or Jazz dance classes. At Citipointe Creative Academy, we recommend that students wishing to undertake contemporary do so alongside Ballet or Jazz classes to optimise technical development and excellence. Dancers will combine the strong, sturdy and controlled legwork of ballet alongside jazz’s isolations, core strength and floor work in contemporary classes. Contemporary dancers also require rhythm, speed, direction, contract-release and fall and recovery. Our Teaching Artists teach both the technical components of contemporary as well as the musicality and performance quality required for this moving dance method.

Hip hop is a melting-pot modality, bringing together traditional street elements, engaging technical skills and bold musicality in a fun, dynamic and high-energy style. Our Teaching Artists pride themselves on delivering a highly technical, fun and engaging Hip Hop class with world-class choreography and technical excellence shining through in each and every lesson. From popping and locking to powerful breakdancing movements as technique develops, Citipointe Creative Academy strives to deliver the best of the best in each and every class when it comes to this popular style of dance.

Citipointe Creative Academy aims to provide tutelage to our tap dancers in a fun, technically challenging and versatile way. Students who are trained in this versatile dance modality will embody coordination, rhythm and musicality alongside the power, stamina and control that are essential foundations in any style. For the young beginner or the returning mature-aged student, tap is a style that is fun, upbeat, modern and rhythmic, and is a style that embraces technique and showmanship that is distinctive to other dance styles.

CCA Performance Dance Squad is our advanced level team that train weekly committing to high-level choreographic routines that will see them offered opportunities in various local, church events and external performances.

Performance Squad is a specific dance team that commits to advanced technical development training and allows them to receive focused teaching and exposure to the following genres:

*Ballet *Jazz *Contemporary Dance *Hip Hop

This is an amazing opportunity for the student wanting to upskill and challenge themselves – to see their dancing go to the next level whilst surrounded by a safe and encouraging dance community.

Your child will sit under the expertise of our industry professional teaching artists.

What a great experience!

This opportunity is AUDITION-based and open to dancers from Grade 3 – Grade 9 (inclusive).

Next Audition: THURS JAN 27
3:45 – 5:15PM (CK2 DANCE STUDIO)


Private and Group Tuition Available

Private and Group Tuition Available

Speech and Drama for students Gr 3 – 7. Commencing Term 1.

Private Tuition Available. Commencing Term 1.

CCA Fees 2022

Stated CCA term fees below are based on a 9-week term and adjusted accordingly for terms of a varied length. 
A yearly registration fee of $65 per person is required upon enrolment which includes a student Welcome Pack and CCA shirt for use in all classes.
For more information, visit the Frequently Asked Questions below. Tuition Fees are applied per CCA term. 4 terms per calendar year. CCA term dates can be found in the FAQ section.
2022 Fee Schedule Class Length Term Fee (9 wks) Weekly Class Average
Dance 45 mins $165 18.5
60 mins $180 20
Speech and Drama 45 mins $165 18.5
Voice and Instrument
– Private Tuition 
30 mins $360 40
– Group Tuition
45 mins $180 20
Fee Discounts ( applicable to all classes)

Meet the CCA Team

We employee all Christian faith-based teaching artists who are working within the industry. This allows not only theory to be taught in the classroom, but experienced-based learning curves that cannot be found in a classroom setting. By handpicking our teaching artists, you can be assured that your performers will be nurtured, nourished and educated in technique, industry expectations and in their personal development.

Chardon & Jasmine Lewis

Academy Directors

Chardon and Jasmine Lewis are our Citipointe Creative Academy Directors who have deep passion for the arts and creatives reaching their highest potential in an uplifting atmosphere and culture. Both performing from a young age and travelling internationally, they have a desire to see excellence paired with a healthy community for artists to thrive within, whilst also being encouraged during this process by their creative peers and our brilliant CCA teaching staff. Chardon and Jasmine’s heart is to see men and women of all ages, demographics and backgrounds enjoy exploring their creative gifts and bringing influence and inspiration to the world around them.

Cathy Geeves

Academy Manager

Cathy’s experience in the creative industry spans over the past 30 years and has found great passion both on stage and behind the scenes equally. As an entertainer and vocalist, Cathy has performed on stages across the globe in Asia, U.K., Europe, the Middle East and across Australia. Amongst her career, she has always delved into the business side of the industry and has managed and marketed creative business incentives, bands and artists in their fields. Cathy has a deep love for music, the arts and the creative performers that bring life to their dreams. Always aspiring to bring integrity and excellence into all her endeavours, Cathy views the creative platform as one that is a true privilege to work within.

Jack Biggs

Operations Team & Teaching Artist

Jack Biggs is a professional Actor, Singer, Performer, Director, and Teacher and obtained a Bachelor of Musical Theatre at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. Throughout his time at the Conservatorium, Jack played the roles in shows such as CAROUSEL, DOGFIGHT, PERSONALS and LES MISERABLES. Additionally, Jack has directed productions of MADAGASCAR, PETER PAN, ALICE IN WONDERLAND and SUESSICAL. After graduating the Conservatorium, Jack went straight onto play Frederic in THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE at the Princess Theatre. 

Jack is passionate about directing, teaching and sharing the joy he has found within the performing arts.

Taylah Newton

Teaching Artist

Since the age of three, Taylah has trained in multiple dance styles. She has accomplished her CSTD (Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing) Jazz Teaching Certificate and a Certificate III in Dance Studies. Taylah has completed all CSTD Tap Examinations, Advanced 1 RAD Ballet, and completed an Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts at Conroy Performing Arts College.

Taylah’s various experiences as a performer include guest performances on Royal Caribbean’s ‘Quantum of the Seas’ and at Disneyland California Adventure Park (Los Angeles). Taylah has worked full time as a dance choreographer at Hong Kong International School and Kennedy ESF School Pok Fu Lam, as well as teaching and choreographing competition routines and musical theatre productions at private dance studios (Glenda Allen Dance Academy).

Jacinta Pasco

Teaching Artist

Jacinta is a dancer and choreographer and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance). She is also the Head of Dance at Citipointe, performing and choreographing for large productions and conferences. Jacinta aspires to use her gifts for the kingdom and has a passion for using dance to influence the younger generation to grow in confidence and understanding of their worth, value and identity in Christ.

Lyrin Schefe

Teaching Artist

For Lyrin, dancing is in her heritage. With a mother and grandmother that both taught professional dance and ran their own academies, Lyrin has been dancing since she could crawl. Her extensive history in dance has seen Lyrin complete full training and examinations in RAD ballet up to Grade 8. Additionally, she has sat her CSTD jazz examinations and trained in both ATOD ballet and Glenn Wood Tap. Commencing her dance teaching career at a young age, Lyrin has taught at various academies and has a great love for the world of dance, the creativity it releases and her valued students that she imparts her knowledge, expertise and heart into.

Chang Po Ching

Teaching Artist

Chang Po Ching has always had a heart for sharing his love for music. A man of diversity, however, don’t let his name fool you! A Samoan boy, raised in South Auckland (NZ)  to a Brisbane local lad since he was ten years old. A graduate of Southern Cross’s Bachelor of Contemporary music and Gold Coast’s Advanced Diploma majoring in composition and Vocal Performance. His first musical love was the guitar thanks to his father. This paved the way for him to follow the musical sounds of his icons such as George Benson and Derrick Perkins. Chang has traveled the world playing music in all styles and venues. From events to weddings, big corporate shows to festivals. Chang was even a semi-finalist on The Voice Australia in 2018. However, beyond the big stages and bright lights, it’s the small and intimate circles where Chang’s heart resides as he seeks to see people thrive and reach their goals. Beyond the music, Chang is also a youth worker, mentor and offers disability support services within the community.

Kara Bolger

Teaching Artist

Kara is a Classical Ballet specialist and highly experienced dancer and technical development trainer. Studying at the Australian Ballet School through the rigorous Interstate Training Programme, Kara then toured with the Queensland Youth Ballet for two consecutive years. In her performing days, Kara was the recipient of a number of prestigious awards and bursaries and continues to pass on a passion for performing and technical excellence to her students. Under Kara’s tutelage, past students have now successfully auditioned for professional programs within the Australian Ballet School, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and Victorian College of Arts. Kara has extensive training in RAD and Cecchetti methods of Classical Ballet, ATOD (Jazz, Ballet and Tap), FATD (Jazz, Ballet and Tap), CTSD (Jazz), Glenn Wood (Tap) and Acrobatic Arts (Acrobatics).

Naomi Hodges

Teaching Artist

Naomi is a contemporary vocal teacher with a strong foundation in vocal anatomy and physiology informed by current voice science. She is committed to staying up to date with current research to best help nurture her student’s vocal development at any age. As a graduate of The Queensland Conservatorium, Naomi holds a Bachelor of Popular Music (1st Class Honours) and a Graduate Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy. Naomi has a prolific performance background as a part of Brisbane’s indie/pop duo, Phon , Formally known as folk duo Phoncurves, she has supported Australian artists such as Josh Pyke, Vance Joy, Art of Sleeping, The Paper Kites, Thelma Plum and international artists BellX1 (Ireland) and Passenger (UK). 

As a vocal teacher Naomi is experienced in contemporary community choirs, small contemporary vocal groups and one on one tuition that ranges from early childhood to adulthood.

Anke Bezuidenhout

Teaching Artist

With extensive CSTD examinations in Jazz, Tap and Contemporary plus Advanced Foundation RAD Ballet, Anke’s roots come from the world of dance and performing arts. With this technical grounding, Anke further pursued her passion for people and fitness and entered the world of ZUMBA. A fully certified Zumba instructor, Anke is passionate about people’s health both internally and externally aspiring to help people become the best version of themself.

Additionally, graduating with a Bachelor of Psychological science with Honours and currently working as a Registered Provisional Psychologist, Anke has a deep interest in personal health on all levels and understands that exercise is critical to mental health. Energising and fun, Anke’s Zumba classes will leave you motivated and inspired in your fitness journey.

Paola Kalaf

Teaching Artist

Originating from Brazil, Paola embraced a new life in Australia from the get-go landing a terrific position as a Gymnastics Instructor in Brisbane. As her influence grew, she made classes available to parents and the greater community, focusing on Zumbrazilian style, cardio dance, and Aqua Aerobics as a private instructor. As a qualified Fitness Instructor, Physical Education teacher, and gymnastics teacher, Paola has a deep passion for physical and mental health in all people. With her thriving personal health initiative MBM4Life that launched in 2018, Paola’s continued success is built upon faith, the power of hope, and love for humanity.

Kathryn Crawford

Teaching Artist
Kathryn completed her degree in Physiotherapy in the UK before moving to Brisbane. Working for many years in both hospital and Private Practice, she has recently studied with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) and gained a Certification in Matwork Pilates. Her passion is for seeing people strengthen their bodies through exercise in a safe environment.
Consisting of mainly mat work with an element of aerobic strengthening in each session, Kathryn’s classes are scaled so that each individual can exercise, be challenged and progress at their own level reaching their individual goals. With expertise in combining strength, coordination and body awareness, Kathryn’s classes are perfect for beginners through to experienced fitness followers.


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Term 2: Monday 19 April – Saturday 19 June (9 weeks)
Term 3: Monday 12 July – Saturday 18 September (10 weeks)
Term 4: Tuesday 5 October – Saturday 28 November (8 weeks)

Classes will not be held on Public Holidays unless advised otherwise by CCA prior to the date.

It is our goal to allow our CCA performers as many performance opportunities as possible. We believe that despite the hours spent in the studio, the best teacher is often an audience. So we partner with Citipointe Church to allow a platform to perform in Conferences, Christmas Productions & special events held throughout the year. Additionally, you will be informed of showcases and parent viewing classes when scheduled.

Please Note: All events are subject to COVID-19 restriction updates.

Within your yearly registration fee of $70, you will receive a CCA Academy t-shirt that is to be worn to all dance + music theatre class.

The CCA t-shirt is to be worn with a black leotard, bike pants/leggings or black shorts (Boys).

Ballet/Jazz/Tap Shoes required for enrolled class. Bare feet not allowed. Hair up and tidy.

School uniforms and school shoes are not allowed.

*Please note: Uniform rules apply to all dance and music theatre classes only. No uniform is required for vocals or music tuition classes, but you are welcome to wear your CCA shirt if desired.

*No registration fee or uniform is required for Speciality Classes.

*Additional CCA uniform t-shirts are available for purchase for $20 each.

Each student is to provide their own folder (with plastic sleeve inserts) for any printed handouts the teacher provides. This folder is to be brought to each lesson. Any additional theory/music books required for your tuition will be advised by the teaching artist and is to be purchased personally by the student.

Please note: Instrumental Tuition Students are to provide their own instrument to bring along to each lesson. For instrument hire at student cost, please visit

Please arrive on time for your class. Ensure your child has been to the toilet and has a water bottle with them for class.

The CCA fee structure varies according to the length, style and age group of the class. All fees can be found by clicking here. A yearly registration fee of $70 per person is required upon enrolment. This once-off payment covers a small yearly administration fee plus a Welcome Pack for you that includes: CCA uniform t-shirt, water bottle and tote carry bag for your use each week. $70 yearly registration fee does not apply to Adult private voice and instrument tution.

A $30 yearly admin fee will apply to these classes, but no welcome pack will be issued within this fee. *There is no yearly registration fee or Welcome Pack for Specialty Classes.

Parents are unable to be in the classroom during lessons, but are welcome to wait on our Mezzanine Level or outdoor seating areas. Parent viewing classes and showcases will be announced throughout the year.

Unfortunately, we do not offer makeup classes should your child be sick or on holidays. Please let us know via if you know your child will be away from class.

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