A message from the Global Senior Pastors, Citipointe Church

Citipointe Church is opposed to racism in every form and context. Recent events have shown us that inequality, bias, judgement, abuse and racism exist at all levels of society and these should never be condoned or excused.  The subsequent actions and reactions of people in our city and across the world have also shown us they are ready to stand beside their neighbour to unite in our shared humanity and stand up for justice for inequality. That people are valuable simply because they are human – irrespective of colour, creed or heritage. 

The guiding truth for us on any matter is always the word of God – and it is abundantly clear throughout the Bible that racism in any form is ungodly.  God created all people equally, loves all people equally and sees all people equally.  Therefore, so do we. As a church we embrace inclusion. We believe God is the designer of diversity; and so we embrace diversity.  

As a church, we believe our differences are our strength and that we are better together because of them. We always aim to respect individual differences, to value and utilise diverse skills, backgrounds and knowledge across all facets of our organisation and to create equal access to opportunities.  

We acknowledge and assure you we are on a continual  journey of learning and pursuing relevant conversations as to how we can continue to adopt, adapt, grow and lead by example in showing that every life matters and is valued – as it was always created to be.  Jesus said that “they (the world) will know that you are my disciples by the love you have for one another.”  We, the Church, can show the way forward by doing what Jesus told us to do, “love one another as I have loved you.”

All God’s Best,

Mark & Leigh Ramsey

Watch Ps Mark Ramsey’s conversation about race, reconciliation and Jesus with our Citipointe Nashville Families Pastor, Dana Taft on Instagram.
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