With a comprehensive study of the four ways one can lead, Expanded Leadership is a book for every Christian looking to grow, regardless of their position.

While it educates and inspires on the commonly understood dynamic of leading a team, its power is in its further Scriptural and practical teaching of how one can also lead their peers, their superiors, and themselves.

Each section’s approach shows that the book is genuinely a written form of the culture that Ps Mark and Leigh Ramsey have developed in their leadership teams over many years. The voice of Ps Karolina Gunsser provides a lived experience perspective, adding weight to the book’s content as she and her husband serve beneath Ps Mark and Leigh, while also pastoring a Citipointe Church location. Her unique insight and clarity of thought on the blessing of loyalty, intentionality, self-discipline and care is resounding proof that these four dimensions of leadership are tried and true.

The book begins by creating an overall guide on the important nuances of what makes any kind of leader great. The first section then echoes the beauty of Jesus’ servant-hearted leadership with an important focus on growing one’s team from a place of love and empowerment, not exploitation. It then educates on the importance of leading those one is responsible alongside through understanding that most team members are often more moved to action by their peers than by their senior leaders. It continues on to how one can lead their superiors by supporting, covering and being solution-oriented. Finally, the book is brought to a climax with the honest truth that all other forms of leadership are pointless if one is not diligent in leading themselves well. This section focuses on counter-cultural self-discipline and growth, through a partnership with the Holy Spirit. 

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