Expanded Leadership

Growing in beyond one-dimensional leadership.

With a comprehensive study of the four ways one can lead, Expanded Leadership is a book for every Christian looking to grow, regardless of their position.

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Lisa Bevere

New York Times bestselling author of Without Rival and Girls with Swords

Pastor Mark Ramsey has been a friend of ours for many years. He is a man with passion and humility who lives out servant-hearted leadership. I believe this book is both timely and necessary.

Leanne Matthesius

Senior Pastor, Awaken Church Americas

We all need wisdom on how to lead in a more healthy and productive way. This book, written by Mark Ramsey along with one of his key leaders, Karolina Gunsser, breaks down practically all that is needed to create a culture of health and strength within the people we lead. The leadership culture that Mark and Leigh Ramsey have built at Citipointe Church is like few in the world today. The health, individuality, creativity and broad generational expression they have achieved are the result of their tried and true leadership practices. Congratulations, Mark, Leigh and Karolina! I am excited for a broader audience to be able to learn the principles and secrets that have enabled Citipointe to produce such a healthy and strong leadership culture.

Sam Chand

Leadership Consultant and author of New Thinking, New Future

Leading is not easy. Leading at multiple levels is harder. Most leaders who are not at the top of their organisations give up or don’t even try. My friends, Pastors Mark Ramsey and Karolina Gunsser have written a book that debunks the one-way paradigm and encourages healthy leadership at all levels and directions. Expanded Leadership needs to be a must-read for leaders in every Christian organisation at every level.