Si – Women of Purpose

A rallying of powerhouse women.


Crafting a space for them to be encouraged, inspired and imparted by the Holy Spirit.

Have you come through the last few months feeling unsettled? Have you asked the Lord, “When my feet hit the ground again, what will the new normal look like for me? Have you felt a pressing hunger to encounter God in a very new and real way? Then it’s time to respond and be set apart. The word ‘Si’ means Yes in a number of languages. Are you ready to refuel, attune your ears to the Spirit and say “yes” to the call? To what God is asking of you?

The come join with a company of women who are saying their “YES!” in a dynamic way.

With several, special ministry guests invited to impart to those that attend, it will be a time of refreshing and revelation.

If you would like to be a part of this limited numbers event hosted by Ps Karolina Gunsser and the Citipointe Girl Crew.

In-person tickets are now sold out. However, you can join us in real-time for an ONLINE EXPERIENCE