Free CMC Winter Teaching Night

Free CMC Winter Teaching Night

Monday, July 13 | 6:45pm

Winter Teaching Night


Most Christians agree theology is important, but can’t articulate why. We can help with 2 x 45 minute power teaching sessions with the CMC teaching team! Everyday theology matters because we can’t just “feel” our way toward knowledge of God. Experience has always been an important part of the Christian faith. But the problem is there is no guarantee that one’s experiences do in fact point to God. We need a more certain way to know God.

In Jesus we have the interpretation of God and a firm foundation for our faith. Everyday theology also matters because it’s not just what you believe that matters, but why you believe it and how. We are convinced that engaging in careful thought is an essential task of the Christian life. We can no more abandon theology than we can abandon God, since theology is involved in some fashion whenever we think or speak about God. Consequently, every person is a theologian.

The only question is whether we will be thoughtful, responsible theologians or irresponsible ones. The journey of Christian discipleship is a matter of learning why we believe, and thinking hard and carefully about this belief, not so that we can beat others with our knowledge but so that we can bear faithful witness to God in the totality of our life.

See you soon – either in the CMC lecture rooms or online – 6:45pm.

Note – Semester 2 starts Monday night, 20 July.