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Assistant to the Director – INO Projects

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The role of the Assistant to the Director is
to support the Director in her efforts to reach budgeted targets and deliver on
the strategic goals.

Below are the following responsibilities you will
need to carry out under the direction of the Director of INO Projects:


Produce annual planning for marketing and public relations
activities of Its Not Ok Projects initiatives developing new markets, retaining
current markets and implementing new tactics.

In consultation with the Director, have responsibility for public
relations, image and branding of Its Not Ok Projects /She Rescue and associated
marketing collateral ensuring a cohesive and innovated presence in the
community, nationally and internationally.

Manage the marketing departments financial activities in
association with the Director and Financial Accountant, including regular cost
benefit analysis.

Assume responsibility for research, evaluation and identification
of new markets and develop strategies to reach these new markets.

Assume responsibilities for liaison with key external
organisations and develop relationships with these organisations.

Gather and manage volunteer staff providing positive performance
and development to ensure department resources are optimised.

Work cooperatively and positively with the Director and other key
personnel to support interdepartmental relationships and contribute to overall
policy and planning of Its Not Ok Projects.

Ensure interaction and proactive approach in securing engagement
from sectors of the church, the church community, business and industry.

You will need to keep abreast of organisational issues and have a good
understanding of the organisation’s aims and objectives.

10. You must be capable of competently dealing with situations, and should
be confident enough to create systems and processes for an effective and
efficient work place, be focused to look out for new markets to maximize sales
of our products. (Conferences, local churches, advocates, internet sales etc)

11. You will need to provide leadership and find
solutions to problems quickly and efficiently. 
You will provide a work environment that engenders teamwork, creativity
and a commitment to Citipointe Church and Its Not Ok Projects.

12. Manage the storeroom and ensure stock counts are correct, and
ensure the storeroom is correctly stocked as needed.

13. Manage and maintain the INO Database

14. Manage incoming donations for “Forever Loved” and Cambodia.

15. Manage Event stalls, including keeping track of tally sheets from
events and completing the associated reporting for these.

16. Manage all emails regarding the She Well Being Program and
subsequent orders

17. Maintain and manage the web responses with regards to the donation
of goods, local volunteers and advocacy.

18. Create the advocate article for the Monthly Advocate report.

19. Maintaining the Online Store, and keeping the website current

20. Other tasks as directed.



1. Productivity

To carry out the above responsibilities and to ensure the above
responsibilities are managed in a professional and timely manner

b.     Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness

c.      Monitors own work to ensure quality

d.     Looks for ways to improve and promote quality

e.      Uses resources effectively

f.       Commits to doing the best job possible

g.     Keeps absences to a minimum and ensures responsibilities are covered
when absent


2. Teamwork

a.     Contributes to building a positive team spirit

b.     Exhibits objectivity and openness to others views

c.      Balances team and individual responsibilities

d.     Keeps others adequately informed by selecting and using the best and the
most appropriate communication methods

e.      Displays understanding of how this position relates to others

f.       To help others and work together in a Christ like willingness


3. Initiative

a.     Seeks increased responsibilities

b.     Takes independent actions and calculated risks

c.      Looks for and takes advantage of opportunities

d.     Asks for help when needed

e.      Begins work on time and schedules all time off in advance

f.       Arrives at meetings and appointments on time

g.     Adapts well to change in the work environment

h.     Prepared to change approach or method to best fit the situation


4. Compliance

a.     Know how to access the Policy & Procedures Manual

b.     Be aware of the emergency and evacuation procedure

c.      Understanding the importance of work place health & safety


5. Discipleship

a.     To be fully aware of our Heartbeat Document and what it means

b.     To be engaging someone

c.      To be discipling someone

d.     To serve generously and be connected

Development Officer – IT'S NOT OK Projects USA

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Its Not OK Projects has an exciting new role
opening up in its USA office. Applicants need to be fervently passionate in the
fight for Social Justice, as this position plays an extremely crucial part in
the fundraising for Its Not OK Projects. With determination and dedication to
the cause, undertaking this role and doing so successfully, the Development
Officer will most certainly bring a significant change and make a huge impact
in the lives of those at risk.  




The Development Officer
creates and oversees the implementation of a strategic approach to fundraising,
which include major gifts, corporate donations, grant solicitation, and in-kind

Develop new and unique ways to improve the finances of
the organisation and to create new opportunities

Understand ethical behaviour and business practices
and ensure own behaviour and the behaviour of others are consistent with these
standards and aligns with the values of the organisation.

and maintain positive working relationships with others, both internally and
externally, to achieve the goals of the organisation.

listen and write in a clear, thorough and timely manner using appropriate and
effective communication tools and techniques.

understand, and respond to the needs of donors to meet or exceed their
expectations within the organisational parameters.

cooperatively and effectively with others to set goals, resolve problem, and
make decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness.

influence others to achieve results that are in the best interest of the

situations to determine the importance, urgency and risks, and make clear
decisions which are timely and in the best interests of the organisation.

priorities, develop a work schedule, and monitor progress towards goals, and
track details, data, information and activities.

strategies to move the organisation forward, set goals, create and implement
actions plans, and evaluate the process and results.

problem situations to identify causes, gather and process relevant information,
generate possible solutions, and make recommendations and/or resolve the

This position holds overall responsibility for the organisation’s fundraising and awareness programs and such is a senior position within the organisation.



Plan fund development activities

Collaborate with the Executive Director to
create a fund development plan which increases revenues to support the strategic
direction of the organisation

Implement the fund development plans in
accordance with ethical fundraising principles

Monitor and evaluate all fundraising
activities to ensure that the fundraising goals are being achieved

Monitor trends in the community or region
and adapt fundraising strategies as necessary


Organise fund development activities

Develop and manage timelines for various fundraising
activities to ensure strategic plans and critical fund raising processes are
carried out in a timely manner

Develop policies and procedures for the
development department which reflect ethical fundraising practices

Prepare and submit grant applications as
outlined in the fund development plan to generate funds for the organisation

Oversee the planning and execution of
special fundraising events as specified in the fund development plan to
generate funds for the organisation

Identify and develop corporate, community
and individual prospects for the organisation’s fundraising priorities

Oversee the administration of a donor
mailing list and database which respects the privacy and confidentiality of
donor information

Coordinate in-kind donations and make
decisions regarding the issuing of receipts

Volunteer / Advocate Management

In consultation with the Executive
Director, recruit, interview, and select fund development interns, volunteers
and advocates

Develop and implement
goals and objectives for the volunteer/intern program which reflect the mission
of the organization

Engage volunteers for special fund
development projects and events using established volunteer management

Manage fund development budget

Develop and gain approval for an annual
income and expenditure budget for the fund development program

Prepare regular reports on progress,
budgets, receipts and expenditure related to fundraising and the management of
the fund development activities

Monitor expenses and analyse budget
reports on fund development and recommend changes as necessary

Promote the organisation

Foster an understanding of philanthropy
within the organisation

Develop a comprehensive communication plan
to promote the organisation to its donors and maximize public awareness of the
fundraising activities of the organisation through social media, newsletters
and other media outlets

Coordinate the design, printing and
distribution of marketing and communication materials for development efforts

Build relationships with community
stakeholders to advance the mission and fundraising goals of the organisation


Minimum of three (3) years experience
development (fundraising/donor relations), including highly developed
fundraising research, writing, editorial and messaging of fundraising requests

Proven track record with previous NFP’s in the ability to successfully raise funds, make presentations, direct mail activities, prepare foundation requests and supervise and co-ordinate an energetic staff team

Energetic and self-directed, with
effective time management and organizational skills including the ability to
deal with several priorities at the same time

Strong strategically-focused analytical
skills, good common sense; Capacity to provide leadership and to collaborate
with others in a team situation

Well-developed inter-personal and conflict
resolution and negotiating skills

Excellent communications skills, both oral
and written

Computer skills including familiarity with
word processing, database, and Internet


are requested to apply through the Citipointe Job Board before 31 March 2017

Project Support Officer – Cambodia

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Position Description




Organisation:                        Citipointe International
Care & Aid – SHE Rescue Home


Position:                                  Project
Support Officer (full-time)


Location:                                 Phnom Penh,


to:                               In-Country




& Experience


qualification in Counselling/Social Work/Psychology/Social Science or a related


of 2 years’ experience in counselling or case management

and experience of counselling theories and case management

in working with children and families

in working with clients experiencing trauma

and knowledge in working with issues with mental health, domestic violence,
child protection and/or drug and alcohol abuse

knowledge or willingness to learn about the systems, procedures and ways to
work with other key stakeholders and NGOs

and experience in using child developmental theories and adhering to child
protection policies


Ability to communicate fluently in
English and Khmer

Proficient in the use of Microsoft
and emails, such as Word, Excel and Gmail

Understanding and competency in
working with Khmer staff, Khmer culture and foreign staff

Excellent interpersonal skills

Ability to produce a high level of
written work in English

and knowledge in case management, trauma therapy and being able to identify and
analyse risk and protective factors of children/young people

be able to empower staff and provide guidance in case management and

and understanding of therapeutic interventions and trauma-informed practices,
such as TF-CBT, creative therapies and group therapy

the limits of confidentiality and adhere to reporting procedures

flexible and adaptable in a changing and diverse environment

time management skills

to exercise self-care

be able to work with a team of multidisciplinary local Khmer staff and
expatriate staff   

and understanding of group work

to maintain personal and professional boundaries

Duties and Responsibilities

Lead and manage a team of
counsellors, social workers and one teacher

weekly case management meetings with social workers and counsellors

monthly individual supervision to counsellors, social workers and one teacher

monthly group supervision with the social work and counselling team

guidance and support in effective case management practices

guidance and support in effective counselling, especially trauma therapy

regular performance reviews with the staff

Complete quarterly statistics report
for the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MoSAVY)
and assist in compiling quarterly sponsorship reports and other reports as

Ensure Family Projects are completed
in a timely manner

Document client information and maintaining
client records, ensuring that information are kept up to date for the use of
sponsorship or other requirements from Head Office and other regulating bodies

Assist in the gathering of
statistics and calculating beneficiaries of the program

Assist staff in the planning and
facilitation of intakes and reintegrations

Provide regular training and
professional development to both social workers and counsellors

Enrol staff in external training
sessions when appropriate

Attend training sessions when needed

Meet weekly with the In-Country
Director and other team leaders

Help facilitate weekly all-staff

Assist in the development of
resources, assessments, forms, and training guides for staff

Regularly audit client files and
support staff in the improvement of documentation

Facilitate staff to complete monthly

Work with staff and our medical
clinic to ensure all girls have vaccinations, regular check-ups, dental work

Organise reintegration parties

Attend meetings with other
organisations for networking and/or case conferences

Coordinating family visits for
mission teams

General Expression of Interest

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**General Expression of Interest**

Thank you so much
for taking the time to check our Job Board.

Whilst you might
not be applying for a specific position at Citipointe Church, you are still
welcome to submit your resume to us for our records in the event that a
potential position becomes available.

We kindly ask
that you keep checking the Job Board on a regular basis, and if positions come
up that we think would possibly suit you we will be in touch!

The Citipointe HR

In Country Director – Cambodia

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                     IN COUNTRY DIRECTOR  

                                                for the SHE Rescue Home


LOCATION:                           PHNOM PENH – CAMBODIA


TO:                     EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR


Our mission is to “unmistakably influence our world for good and for God.”


The SHE Rescue Home is a Christian NGO outworking aftercare and economic empowerment programs for survivors of human trafficking and sexual abuse. The SHE Rescue Home’s programs in Cambodia include counseling, community development, education, vocational training, support through the public justice system and employment. SHE is looking to fill the position of In-Country Director to oversee current and
future projects. 


Applicants should have: 

A full command of the English language

Commitment to working in and understanding Khmer Culture.

Strong interpersonal, communication, management and
administrative skills


Duties and Responsibilities:

The main role of the “In Country Director” is a support role to the Executive Director and to oversee the day-to-day operations of the SHE Rescue Home.

You will be responsible
to carry out directives from the Executive Director in an efficient and timely

You will be responsible to find ways to make the SHE Rescue Home more productive by providing effective methods in its business operation.

You will need to
provide strong leadership and find solutions to problems quickly and

You will provide a work environment that engenders teamwork, creativity and a commitment to the SHE Rescue Home, Social Justice and Citipointe Church.


Areas of Responsibilities

Financial Management.

Organisational Effectiveness.

Organisational Leadership.

Staff Management

Risk Management

Communications Management 


Financial Management

Oversee overall
financial management, planning, systems and controls.

Oversee monthly and quarterly assessments and forecasts of department’s financial performance against budget, financial and operational goals. 

Oversee short and long-term
financial and managerial reporting. Assisting the Executive Director and staff
in creating annual departmental budget and monitoring cash flow.

Management of the SHE Rescue Home budget in coordination with the Executive Director.

Development of individual
program budgets.

Authorising all
expenditure and reimbursements.

Managing grantor
contracts and reimbursement requests.

Ensure that finance
requests are resolved and communicated in a timely manner to internal and
external parties.

Develop long-range forecasts
and maintain long-range financial plans.

Oversee and monitor all
fundraising and accounting systems and procedures capturing all micro
enterprise developments, billings and receipts and for the recording of all
revenue transactions, recommend and implement improvements to systems.


Organisational Effectiveness

Increase the
effectiveness and efficiency of support services through improvements to each
function as well as coordination and communication between functions.

Improve the operational systems, processes and policies in support of the SHE Rescue Home mission — specifically, support better management reporting, information flow and management, business process and planning.

Drive initiatives in
the management team and departmentally that contribute to long-term operational

Providing consulting
services on matters related to volunteers, fundraising, policy, insurance
questions, and business structure and growth.

To ensure all reports
are collected and distributed in a timely manner on a regular basis.

Organisation of fiscal

Regular meetings with
International Director around fiscal planning.


Organisational Leadership

To ensure the vision of the SHE Rescue Home is always promoted.

Contribute to short and
long-term planning strategies and priorities as a member of the management

Outwork short and
long-term planning strategies and priorities, including an initiative geared
toward operational excellence.

To develop and lead
efficient and effective staff meetings on a regular basis.

To be our
Representative to all other organisations.


Staff Management

Manage all existing
staff and oversee staff training.

Produce all staff
contracts in line with the local employment and conditions award.

Conduct all interviews
for all potential new staff and ensure induction process is completed to the
correct standard.

Authorise all holiday
leave and record all sick leave.

Approve staff and
volunteer weekly rosters.


Risk Management

Serve as primary
liaison to legal counsel in addressing legal issues e.g. copyright, antitrust,
governing instruments, partnerships, licensing etc.

Knowledge of
organisational insurance policies.

Development and
communication of Risk Management Policies.


Communications Management 

To gather information and statistics for newsletters
and reports for sponsors and donors

Develop system to organize, prioritize, and communicate promotional items related to the SHE Rescue Home.

Create communication strategies to market, inform, and
promote events, and
campaigns assigned.

Oversee all written materials related to promotions
which will require writing or securing writers Editing and proof-reading for
accuracy and appropriateness



Commitment to social justice and the mission

Knowledge in financial & administrative management

Excellent communication skills – both verbally and written.

Knowledge of government contract management and knowledge and experience
in organisational effectiveness and operations management implementing best

Leadership and vision in managing staff groups and major projects or

Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style.

Budget development and oversight experience.

A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards in a
diverse workplace.

Knowledge of compliance implications of non-profit status.

Experience at operating in a fast pace environment.

Excellent people manager, open to direction and collaborative work style
and commitment to get the job done.

Ability to look at situations from several points of view.

Delegate responsibilities effectively.

High comfort level working in a diverse environment.

Ability to live in a different culture.