Assistant to the Director – INO Projects

By February 6, 2017



The role of the Assistant to the Director is
to support the Director in her efforts to reach budgeted targets and deliver on
the strategic goals.

Below are the following responsibilities you will
need to carry out under the direction of the Director of INO Projects:


Produce annual planning for marketing and public relations
activities of Its Not Ok Projects initiatives developing new markets, retaining
current markets and implementing new tactics.

In consultation with the Director, have responsibility for public
relations, image and branding of Its Not Ok Projects /She Rescue and associated
marketing collateral ensuring a cohesive and innovated presence in the
community, nationally and internationally.

Manage the marketing departments financial activities in
association with the Director and Financial Accountant, including regular cost
benefit analysis.

Assume responsibility for research, evaluation and identification
of new markets and develop strategies to reach these new markets.

Assume responsibilities for liaison with key external
organisations and develop relationships with these organisations.

Gather and manage volunteer staff providing positive performance
and development to ensure department resources are optimised.

Work cooperatively and positively with the Director and other key
personnel to support interdepartmental relationships and contribute to overall
policy and planning of Its Not Ok Projects.

Ensure interaction and proactive approach in securing engagement
from sectors of the church, the church community, business and industry.

You will need to keep abreast of organisational issues and have a good
understanding of the organisation’s aims and objectives.

10. You must be capable of competently dealing with situations, and should
be confident enough to create systems and processes for an effective and
efficient work place, be focused to look out for new markets to maximize sales
of our products. (Conferences, local churches, advocates, internet sales etc)

11. You will need to provide leadership and find
solutions to problems quickly and efficiently. 
You will provide a work environment that engenders teamwork, creativity
and a commitment to Citipointe Church and Its Not Ok Projects.

12. Manage the storeroom and ensure stock counts are correct, and
ensure the storeroom is correctly stocked as needed.

13. Manage and maintain the INO Database

14. Manage incoming donations for “Forever Loved” and Cambodia.

15. Manage Event stalls, including keeping track of tally sheets from
events and completing the associated reporting for these.

16. Manage all emails regarding the She Well Being Program and
subsequent orders

17. Maintain and manage the web responses with regards to the donation
of goods, local volunteers and advocacy.

18. Create the advocate article for the Monthly Advocate report.

19. Maintaining the Online Store, and keeping the website current

20. Other tasks as directed.



1. Productivity

To carry out the above responsibilities and to ensure the above
responsibilities are managed in a professional and timely manner

b.     Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness

c.      Monitors own work to ensure quality

d.     Looks for ways to improve and promote quality

e.      Uses resources effectively

f.       Commits to doing the best job possible

g.     Keeps absences to a minimum and ensures responsibilities are covered
when absent


2. Teamwork

a.     Contributes to building a positive team spirit

b.     Exhibits objectivity and openness to others views

c.      Balances team and individual responsibilities

d.     Keeps others adequately informed by selecting and using the best and the
most appropriate communication methods

e.      Displays understanding of how this position relates to others

f.       To help others and work together in a Christ like willingness


3. Initiative

a.     Seeks increased responsibilities

b.     Takes independent actions and calculated risks

c.      Looks for and takes advantage of opportunities

d.     Asks for help when needed

e.      Begins work on time and schedules all time off in advance

f.       Arrives at meetings and appointments on time

g.     Adapts well to change in the work environment

h.     Prepared to change approach or method to best fit the situation


4. Compliance

a.     Know how to access the Policy & Procedures Manual

b.     Be aware of the emergency and evacuation procedure

c.      Understanding the importance of work place health & safety


5. Discipleship

a.     To be fully aware of our Heartbeat Document and what it means

b.     To be engaging someone

c.      To be discipling someone

d.     To serve generously and be connected